Indio Blanco White Wines • Syrah Merlot

Tasting Notes

This attractive Syrah and Merlot varietal presents itself softly ruby red, seducing with its dry red fruit and rich spice aromas. Velvety, full, fresh and round in the mouth. As this wine is a natural product, delicately treated during its stabilization, bottles may occasionally contain small precipitates.

Expand/CollapseTechnical Data

Variety: 50% Syrah; 50% Merlot

Service temperature: 16-18°C 

Estimated aging time: 4-5 years

Wine-food pairing: stewed red meats and pasta with spicy red sauces

Presentation: 750 cc


Careful grape selection during its manual harvest. Once in the winery, a delicate destemming takes place, followed by fermentation for approximately 10 days, adding selected yeasts, with a controlled temperature of 26°C. It matures in masonry pots for 7 months and then it is bottled, resting for 4 to 5 months before it is sold.

Enologists: Oscar Egea, Walter Egea.

Agronomist: Jorge Riveros.


Located in the provincial districts of Santa Rosa and Junín, east area of Mendoza

Vineyard age: 25

Vineyard elevation: 650-700 m above sea level

Vineyard yield: Syrah, 14,000 kg/ha; Merlot, 12,000 kg/ha

Irrigation: Ground water and ice water from the Andes

Annual production: 30,000 to 40,000 bottles