Indio Blanco White Wines • Malbec Bonarda

Tasting Notes

The excellent blend of these emblematic Malbec and Bonarda varietals gives birth to an interesting wine of strong reds with bluish undertones. Aroma of half-ripe red fruits intertwined with fresh grass. Unctuous, with sweet tannins and good persistence in the mouth. As this wine is a natural product, delicately treated during its stabilization, bottles may occasionally contain small precipitates.

Expand/CollapseTechnical Data

Variety: 50% Malbec; 50% Bonarda

Service temperature: 16-18°C 

Estimated aging time: 5 years

Wine-food pairing: lean red meats, charcoal-grilled fish and red sauce pasta

Presentation: 750 cc


Careful grape selection during its manual harvest. Once in the winery, a delicate destemming takes place, followed by fermentation for approximately 10 days, adding selected yeasts, with a controlled temperature of 26°C. It matures in masonry pots for 7 months and then it is bottled, resting for 4 to 5 months before it is sold.

Enologists: Oscar Egea, Walter Egea.

Agronomist: Jorge Riveros.


Located in the provincial districts of Santa Rosa and Junín, east area of Mendoza

Vineyard age: 25

Vineyard elevation: 650-700 m above sea level

Vineyard yield: Malbec, 22,000 kg/ha; Bonarda, 15,000 kg/ha

Irrigation: Ground water and ice water from the Andes

Annual production: 45,000 bottles