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Our wines come from crops implanted by our grandfather, Justo Montoya, on his arrival in Mendoza in the year 1923, having emigrated from Granada, Spain.

Justo married Raquel Aprea, Italian immigrants’ daughter.  Justo and Raquel’s only son, Eduardo, started from an early age to add other business activities.

The family enterprise is made up of second, third and fourth generations, with over 55 years dedicating themselves to livestock breeding, meat wholesale and retail sale in the east area of Mendoza, Argentina.

Our farms produce plums, olives and grapes that, after being processed, produce nuts, extra virgin olive oil and a diverse line of varietal premium wines.

Photo for: Products
Photo for: Products


Watered by wells, rivers and streams flowing from the Andes Mountains, our farms produce plums, olives and grapes.  These crops, after being processed, turn into dry fruit, extra virgin olive oil and a varied line of high-end range of varietal wines, which we commercialize locally and internationally.

With ample expertise in the livestock raising business, the company develops breeding, raising and fattening in pasture lands of Mendoza and San Luis provinces, Argentina.  They are butchered, dressed, and then delivered in Mendoza with our own logistics.

It is from these meats that we produce high quality cold cuts and sausages, in a wide range of homemade production carrying our own graphic identity.

Our fields also produce cereals such as maize, soya and fodder for livestock foodstuffs.  These, in turn, bring about the production of meats and subproducts such as leather, to which we apply primary processes of industrialization, too.